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PRIMEGA INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, Located in Rizhao City ,Shandong Province,China,Founded in year 2009, Specialized in producing and trading Frozen Seafoods and Dried Seafood Snacks  , Such as Frozen Squid tubes & Rings, Surimi crab sticks, Seafoodmix cocktail, Blue Mussel meat,Alaska Pollock Fillet ,Pacific Cod fillets and loins,Tilapia Fillets and WR , Mackerel W/R ,Scallop Meat ; Dried Shredded Squid  , Dried squid tentacle slices snacks , Dried Fish snacks,etc. All of our products are produced under EU certification and HACCP Qualifications and also HALAL certifited .


We develop and manufacture Frozen Fish fillets, Frozen Squid products ,Shellfish products and Dried seasoned Squid snacks in our factory. Our experience and know-how built up for more than 10 years gain high evaluation from the consumers.

We are doing worldwide business of various products such as Frozen seafood  ,Dried Seafood snacks  . In response to high needs of Chinese Seafoods now popular all over the world, we export high-quality Frozen Seafoods and Dried Seafood Snacks  to Asia, Europe , Africa, Mid-east areas , Latin America  and North America ,etc.
With the licenses authorized to make a deal in the major Chinese markets, we are buying a variety of Frozen seafood and selling our products to various sales channels.



Contact: Mike Cao

Phone: +86-18963392068

Tel: +86-633-3605985

Email: sales@primegaltd.com

Add: Shenglan Road Lanshan Rizhao Shandong China

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