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Surimi Products

  • Breaded Fish Finger
  • Breaded Fish Finger
Breaded Fish FingerBreaded Fish Finger

Breaded Fish Finger

  • Product description: Breaded/Pre-fried, IQF .

Breaded Fish Finger ,

Ingredients: Surimi , Salt, Sugar,Water ,Salad oil,Wheat Starch, etc.

Surimi content:40-60% (Produced  as per  customer's order specifications)

Color:  Orange

Size : 8-10cm/Stick (as per the order)

Package : 250g / 454g / 500g / 908g / 1kg Box packing

Qualification: HACCP / EU / HALAL /ISO22000

Market : EU /North America/South America / Asean / Russia /Ukraine /Africa /Mid-East Areas.


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